3 thoughts on “Last Season Outdoor

  1. Am I the only one seeing the angry rat face. It looks like it has its mouth open showing its extremely large teeth. There’s a good chance that nobody else sees it and its the dabs altering my vision a bit. Just tasted my new batch of oil I made today. Really happy with this run. I used a secret ratio of jack and blackberry Kush, I like to call it black jack. Strains really compliment each other resulting in a very tastey dab. Gil, if your ever in nj, mi errl su errl. Got watch out for the oil made by kids who thinking that purging on heat for 10 minutes is more the. Enough time around here.

  2. shes BEAUTIFUL! my friend had some seeds he thought were bunk, and just threw them in the dirt to be forgotten. shortly after that they started to sprout!! they looked very similar to this, but yours is still much better :)

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