New Weedventures!

My latest episode of Weedventures, a weed themed travel show, has been released! In this video, find out what an Extract Artist is and join me in Colorado for the big Extract Artist Unite weekend that included the Extract Artist Unite show and the Secret Cup…

Pull and Snap

BHOmb ShatterHere’s one for my fellow dab fans out there who appreciate a concentrate so clear and sparkly that it looks like it could be behind the counter at a jewelry shop… This is a pull and snap type of shatter, and if you look at the end of the curve, you can see how the end snapped off clean and straight. Not sure what the strain is on this, but I can tell you that it is from Bhomb Extracts and it is definitely a fruity Sativa dominant strain with a fairly searing uplifting high. The draw is smooth unless you take a few dabs in a row… In which case I end up coughing a bit… Cheers!